Greater Philadelphia RV Show – Fred’s Review

Great Philadelphia RV Show

Greater Philadelphia RV Show

Going to a large RV show can be an overwhelming experience! The Greater Philadelphia RV show was just such an experience. We cannot imagine what the world’s largest RV show in Hershey, PA would be like! This show was all indoors but there were three large exhibition halls. The challenge was that all three halls looked the same and there were no distinguishing marks like A, B, and C or Row 1,2,3,…. 45. The only thing to keep your bearings straight were the banners from the various vendors.

We went to the show with no intention of purchasing an RV (Fred) or at least very little intention of purchasing one (Monique). After all, Monique and I run a classic and vintage RV website!  “New” is not necessarily our thing. We also just love to look at RVs! On a side note, we are desiring to go full time here at some point in the not-so-distant future and we wanted to explore ALL of our options including what the new units have to offer (other than significant depreciation!).


The first thing that we discovered was that ‘dark’ and ‘chocolate brown’ seem to be in vogue!

MANY of the units displayed darker fabrics and darker wood stains. This made the units very dark. We prefer lighter and brighter. To make things even worse, some units are lacking enough windows and the result is that your fun get-away vehicle is as exciting as spending the weekend in the basement!

“New” Vintage!

There were a few new vintage-styled trailers that are clearly playing off the current retro or “glamping” trends! There were two trailers in particular, a “Vintage Cruiser” by Gulf Stream and a “Retro” by Riverside RV. Both were pretty neat. They had neat retro styling in the tail lights and other nice touches. They both also had the modern amenities you would expect including the use of LED lighting. We thought the “Vintage Cruiser” by Gulf Stream had more of the vintage flare.


Here is a pretty neat pop-up camper with the Jeep brand attached. The accommodations may make a Spartan comfortable, but it lacks most amenities. On the up side, this pop-up can go pretty much anywhere your Jeep can go which would allow you to get to some pretty remote places!

Instant Classics?

One of the reasons we went to the show was to see if there was anything new or exciting. What are the trends? Would we see any units that would be classics in 20 years? Is there anything innovating happening in the RV world?

The short answer is that we saw mainly the same type of RVs produced year after year. Yes, there was a quick conversion to LED lighting. That was to be expected. There are no new competitors to Airstream or Casita. The bottom line is, if there is a great RV out there being made today, the demand is typically so high that there is no need to push them at an RV show! If you want a new Casita, you have to order it and pick it up months later! Sales of the pricey silver bullets (Airstream) seem to show no slowing down! No need to push those at a show.

Here are the remaining pictures that I took at the show including some teardrops and a neat fiberglass trailer that claimed to be able to be pulled by a motorcycle.

Happy Travels!