That “Rolling” ’70s Show: Episode 4 – Emergency take-off…. times two

North Bend State Park is a great place to get away from it all for many great reasons, but also because (as we found out) there is zero internet and phone connections. So we were thrilled when our Wilson Sleek 4G booster allowed us to have internet and phone connections for a good two days. Then for some reason our hotspot stopped receiving a connection early yesterday morning. Fred needs his computer for work, so we frantically got the RV all ready to leave, so we could drive out of the park to receive internet connection someplace else. Then Fred remembered that we have another Straight Talk mobile hotspot that does not work in most areas, but we decided to try it anyways. It worked, so we did not have to leave, but by the end of the day most of the $15 data plan that we purchased in the morning was used because of web conferences. More conferences were planned for the next day, so we decided it was pretty cost prohibited to spend an extra $15 per day to have internet access. So, off we went last night. That’s what I love about RVing, if it is not working out where you are for whatever reason then you can leave!

The good news is that the furnace just had a slight hick-up, and now it is running fine. Herbie, however, does not appear to be out of gas, so we decided to head back home to drop him off while we finish the rest of our trip without a toad. We will work on fixing him later.

We are calling this our “shakedown cruise”. ┬áLOL