Crazy things in classified ad photos

Monique and I are often browsing the Internet looking at other RVs. From time to time we see pictures that make us laugh out loud.  These are all photos from actual classified ads for RVs that we’ve seen!

1. How many cleaners does it take? Two spay bottles and a tub of wipes.  Either the unit is really clean or it was really dirty!


2. Anyone spot the fly swatter? Can’t you just picture yourself on a relaxing vacation swatting at flies!  fly swatter 3. I guess this unit has no where to store the BBQ grill and cooler! grill4. Maybe we should use pull out the weed wacker before we take the photos?   Nah!   weeds 5. Hey Mom! Can we get an action shot of you adjusting the fan for the advertisement?woman and fan 6. Pine tree air fresheners may be good while in storage but not in your advertisement! Details, details…air freshener7. Looks like the owner had a great party in the RV before they decided to sell.  I bet this RV was rode hard and put away wet!   Bottles and cig8. Isn’t beer an essential part of the RV lifestyle? Maybe a partial case come with the unit when you buy it!case of beerHere are some actual quotes from ads.

Everything worked when stored in 2008.”  (August 2013)

All paint was done with roller and/or brushes. not a professional paint job by any means!

Have never used toilet or shower but they look good and probably work fine.

It is my thought that the bus with minor servicing could be driven home anywhere in the county.

Happy Travels,