Argosy interior update 4/8/2014

With the outside complete and the engine purring like a kitten, we have turned our sights on the interior. The winter has finally left and last weekend was great weather!

The seats are obviously missing.  They are are the upholstery shop getting new foam and recovered. I have already put down some water seal on the wood floor.  I do believe that my water leaks are resolved.  We have gotten fairly heavy rain and no water inside.  I did have to seal around the front windshields and replace the seals on the side windows. I actually had water getting into the heater blower and spitting out water onto the legs of Mrs. ViewRVs!  Yikes!  That did not make her a happy camper!

I did take the opportunity to remove the old fiberglass insulation on the doghouse and replace it with some nice Dynomat. That was a present to myself for Christmas!

The seats will be a nice orange fabric close to the original.  The carpet was impossible to match. We have chocolate brown low shag for the floor to keep it 70’s!  The flowered fabric will go on the pieces above the window curtains (and maybe a few pillows).

Happy Travels,