Our RV is the nicest Port-A-John ever!

Going on day four here in Charleston, WV without being able to drink, bathe, do dishes, do laundry or wash our hands in the water. We can only use the water to flush toilets. The state of WV has been in a State of Emergency for several days because 7,500 gallons of a chemical called MCHM ┬álocated upstream from our water plant has spilled and has made it into our water. This chemical used in the coal processing industry has never been tested on humans (until now, lucky us, ha ha!). Having tanks of dangerous chemicals stored upstream from our water plant is another talking point that I won’t go into here.

Anways, an easy answer for us would be to hop into our motorhome and “get the heck out of Dodge” until the crisis is over, but with two kids (albeit grown kids) who still live at home while working and going to college we still very much operate as a family unit and would not feel comfortable leaving them in a situation like this.

Unfortunately, we had winterized our motorhome since we were not planning on using it for a few months, so we did not have the water in it as a back-up water source. Thankfully, however, bottled and potable water has been made readily available by the National Guard and the private sector. So, we were making it through the situation pretty well until Saturday afternoon when the chemical fumes emitting from the water in our toilet bowls became unbearable. This prompted us to drain the water from our whole house. At this point we realized we needed to de-winterize the RV, fill our 20 gallon water tank with bottled/potable water and use the RV as one of the nicest outhouses we have seen! Once all of the “pink stuff” is out of the pipes we will also be able to take showers.

I saw an episode of “Doomsday Preppers” that featured a guy that used his RV as a “Bug Out” vehicle. I think he may have been on to something.