Vintage folding pop-OVER trailer help

I received this message from Bill regarding a vintage tent trailer that his father owned.

In the 1950’s, my Dad bought what had to be one of the first pop-up trailers. Well, not really a pop-UP – more of a pop-OVER. Very heavy, very sparse, but my parents and my brother and I traveled the country in it, and loved it. In the early 60’s, the trailer was destroyed when the storage building burned to the ground. For several years, I’ve tried to find information or references to it, but not even the RVMH Museum in Elkhart could dig up any info.

I’m soliciting the help of your readers. To aid in the process, I created some sketches of what it looked like and how it popped OVER. I would be grateful for any information. Many thanks.

Bill from central Maine

Here are the diagrams that Bill put together regarding the trailer. If you know of anything about this trailer, let us know below.  Thanks.

Happy Travels,



  1. Bill Jeffrey says:

    Quick follow-up. A Google search revelas that there is currently a company in Oregon called Kwik Kamp that sells tents and tent frames. This is NOT the company that made this trailer.