Unknown trailer …

Wendy sent me this photo and requested some assistance in identifying her trailer.

Hello! I just purchased this little trailer & it has no title & no VIN , therefore no idea what it is. If you have any thoughts on what it might be I would sure appreciate it!!  In the process of fixing her up, which will obviously include a paint job!! Poor thing is pretty hideous right now 🙂

Unknown TrailerAny thoughts on the model?

Happy Travels,



  1. Fred says:

    Wendy sent me this update.

    I just wanted to follow up with you regarding out last exchange regarding my trailer’s identity. I took it in today for inspection & licensing. When they ran the VIN, it came up as a 1960 Modsm (yes, that is the correct spelling!!). Have you ever heard of this make? I Googled it, but nothing came up. If nothing else, at least I know the make & year!

    I appreciate any thoughts on this…thank you!