George The Dragon Slayer

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. The decision to take some country roads during our last trip rather than all Interstate roads quickly lead to one of the most trying times. While driving in George (our Argosy 20), we were enjoying the beautiful mountains and scenery in Tennessee/North Carolina when we started to notice a plethora of motorcycles and sports cars. Thinking they were just out on a pretty day, we continued on our course. Little did we know what lay ahead for us! We were entering the “Tail of the Dragon”  (US 129). For those of you who don’t know what this is (we didn’t), it is an 11 mile stretch of US 129. This may sound innocent enough, but with 318 tightly winding curves around a mountain, it is not innocent at all! It is actually an internationally famous road for motorcycle and sports cars enthusiasts. Not highly recommended for a motorhome! Once we figured this out, it was too late. There was no way out. We had to “slay the Dragon” in our 1977 Argosy 20 motorhome. As our George meandered his way on this Dragon’s Tail, professional photographers were camped on the edges of the road snapping pictures of all the brave risk-takers who dared to slay the Dragon; now this included George. After about 45 minutes of terror we made it down the Dragon. George has now earned the well deserved new name of “George The Dragon Slayer”. The lesson here is to not 100% trust your GPS! Lesson learned 🙂

You can find pictures and information on “The Dragon” at this photo site. For those who are curious, our pictures are at 5:01pm on Thursday 5/17/2013!  We have not ordered the pictures … yet! The pictures are coming soon!