Country Roads Take George Home

Yippee! George (Argosy 20)  is back home nestled behind our house in West Virginia after a 7 month hiatus to Florida. Normally that would sound fun, but as many as you know, we were not with our motorhome in Florida; we dropped him off there to be painted.  After many extenuating circumstances we were not able to pick him back up for 7 months! It took us 15 days to make the 1600 mile round trip to Florida and back. We attended a Vintage RV Rally in Tennessee, visited a summer camp where Fred was a camp counselor 29 years ago, hiked, drove some of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and of course did some boondocking at Walmarts! I will be telling everyone in our new Forums section about our Walmart boondocking experiences. Stay tuned to this blog for some more on our trip and for more pictures.