Parking Lot Light Pole Power!

My day job recently sent me to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for four weeks. Our hotel was right next to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center. The complex has large events every weekend that bring in folks from all over the area. One weekend, several RVs pulled into the parking lot and stayed several nights.  Monique noticed that all of the RVs were parked next to light poles. Again, not terribly uncommon since we usually park under a light pole for added security when we are boondocking but sorta strange since the parking lot was huge.

While we were heading out for some shopping, her voice perks up and she says “hey, the RVs are plugged into the light poles!” By that time it was too late for me to turn the car around so we stopped by on our way back from shopping. Turns out, the expo center charges $40 for the weekend which includes the electric hook-up. There is no water or dump station.  Here are some pictures of the light poles.

Happy Travels,