Vintage Best Western Ad

When you purchase a vintage motorhome, you just never know what things you’ll find in the unit. My first Airstream, a 345, had the original owner’s manual and other paperwork. One day when I was working on the unit and looking behind a cabinet in the bedroom, I found an old pair of ladies underwear and a super size bra that had somehow worked their way back there!

When I purchased my 1977 Argosy earlier this year, the unit came with a treasure trove of goodies. It had two original copies of the owner’s manual, a Chevy truck chassis service manual, many of the original appliance manuals, and some newspaper article and vintage RV advertisements. It seems like the original owner might have considered a Silver Streak RV based on the materials.  No ladies undergarments!

I got a real chuckle out of this Best Western ad.  I really wonder if the hotel/motel executives in the 1970’s felt threatened by the booming RV industry! Back in the 70’s, Winnebago, GMC, Argosy, Travco, and a host of other upstart RV makers were selling many creative units.

I have a brother that is really anti-RV.  He prefers to stay at hotels. When he does the math, it is far less expensive to stay in hotels.  I agree. He and the 1970’s Best Western executives just don’t get it. The RV folks I know like the independence of an RV, prefer to stay in their own personal space, and like to stay at state and national parks.

While I like the convenience of hotels, I have serious doubts about their cleanliness. Here are a few articles for your reading pleasure!

Germs in hotel rooms finding new places to hide

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  1. Linda Russ says:

    Some of us just like to be turtles and enjoy our own dependable space. I save a lot of time because I rarely eat in restaurents unless there is a compelling reason, local unusual eats, company or very special food. I can take my dogs and enjoy their company. They love RV travel. Local RV camps are full of local info, have swimming and lots of friendly campers. As a widdow who travels on my own it has made my life much more fun.

  2. Fred says:

    I know what you mean about dependable space! Hotels are less than dependable. At one hotel, I laid my head down on the pillow and smelled a previous guest’s cologne! Yuck.

    We also like to eat healthy while on the road. Having the RV allows us to avoid restaurants which don’t really offer good choices. We also like to consume organic foods when possible.

    Happy Travels,