The Airstream Argosy Roto-Dinette!

The Roto-Dinette is a very unique set of chairs found in the Argosy 20′ and 24′ motorhomes. The Roto-Dinette really expands the small space of the 20′ and 24′ coaches. Each bench sits on a single post that swivels. The Roto-Dinette changes into 4 configurations:

  1. Forward facing
  2. Dinette
  3. Sofa
  4. Bed

Here is the Roto-Dinette in the forward facing position. Both benches have two seat belts.  The front bench seat is sometimes called a “Mother/Daughter seat.” The coach has seat belts for five occupants.







Here is the Roto-Dinette in the parked Dinette position.







Here is a picture of the Roto-Dinette in the sofa position.

(Note: This is not a driving position.)







This is a picture of my Argosy 20′ with the sofa and the Roto-Dinette in the sleeping position.







One tip for the Roto-Dinette, always spin the release knobs in the clock-wise direction (Thanks Benjamin!).

Happy Travels,



  1. Stu Phillips says:

    I am looking for a roto-dinnette for my Argosy 24 footer and I could also use a generator compartment door. I would appreciate any leads and info. Thanks, Stu

  2. Fred says:

    Try this ad that was posted recently.
    “Parting out a 1977 Airstream Argosy motor home. 24 foot, rear bath. Call Carmen at 1-815-675-6008”