Product Review: PALight 9 volt LED Flashlight

Good flashlights are hard to find!  They seem to either eat batteries, produce a weak light beam, or break easily.  My other big challenge was keeping a steady supply of batteries.  At first, I tried to standardize everything on “AA” batteries. I tried to get all of my battery stuff to operate on “AA” batteries to avoid a tub full of D, C, AA, and AAA batteries.

One battery that I do not have a shortage of is 9 volt batteries.  I have about 12 battery operated smoke detectors around my house.  It seems like a lot but when I moved to West Virginia, there were four families in Residence Inn due to house fires.  I want to make sure my family is alerted at the first sign of a fire!  Each year when I replace my smoke detector batteries I think what a huge waste it is to throw out good batteries.  Two years ago I bought one of these flashlights as a test.  Turns out it was a good decision since I use it all of the time.  Recently we had a power outage and I kept this little baby in my pocket.  My wife seemed a little mystified that I ALWAYS seemed to have a flashlight with me.  I used it for the two days and the battery is still going strong.  In fact, that battery has been in there for one year!

The flashlight has four operating modes:

  1. Always on very low light
  2. Low Beam
  3. High Beam
  4. Emergency Flash

The case is a very sturdy rubber.  The metal band is tricky to get on but one you get the hang of it, it goes on easily. The very low beam (always on) makes it very handy to find in the dark. The high is not as bright as some other flashlights but more than necessary for most jobs.

I have kept this flashlight with me in the RV for many reasons.  It is small, lightweight, and easy to carry.  How many times have you arrived back at your RV late and night and had to stumble around to find the door lock?

I have been very happy with this light.  I just ordered two more hoping to eat into my large stash of 9v batteries that have plenty of light left.  I highly recommend them for any RV’er out there.  I bought the orange ones so they are easier to find.

One other benefit is that the Always-On and Low light settings are good for a co-pilot reading a map and not inhibiting the driver!

These are also a popular choice among Doomsday Preppers since smoke detectors in vacant homes and buildings would provide a steady supply of batteries! (Just a thought.)

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Happy Travels,