Progress on my Toad

What is a “Toad”?  A toad in RV terms is a towed vehicle.  This is also called “flat-towing” and towing “four-down.”  Many RVs pull a car for short trips away from the RV to shopping and other destinations.  It is often not practical to pack up the motorhome and drive to the shopping center.  In addition, many destinations are just not practical for a motorhome.

As many of you know, we purchased a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle to use as a toad behind our 1977 Argosy 20.  While our “Herbie” was still a sharp car, the main enemy to these classics is rust. Herbie did have some pretty significant spots that we wanted addressed. We took the Beetle to a local body for the paint work.  Before we took him in, we removed the windows to the paint shop could paint under them for a more complete paint job.

We picked up Herbie from the body shop last week and he looks great!  Before we install the windows, we need to replace the headliner.  Monique and I have never done this kind of work before but we both love the classic VWs so this is a labor of love for us.

After discussing at length our options for a tow behind vehicle, we came full circle to the Beetle.  Here are our reasons for picking the Beetle (in no particular order):

  1. Weight – At roughly 1,600 pounds, the Beetle is a very light weight toad
  2. Classic – The Beetle is a classic vehicle.
  3. Great pair – Won’t the 1977 Argosy and the 1974 Beetle look great together going down the road?
  4. Simplicity – We wanted a car we could fix ourselves and not depend on $80 an hour repair shops.  The Beetle is about as simple as they come.
  5. Easy towing option – The tow bar for the Beetle was $100.  Setting up a newer car for flat-towing can easily cost over $1,000.  A good tow dolly (lifting the front two wheels) also easily runs over $1,000.
  6. Manual transmission – To tow on all four tires, you need to select a car either with manual transmission or an automatic that can handle the task (no easy feat).

Here are some pictures of the Beetle.

Happy Travels,