My roof project – Part 6, Complete!

The great news is that since my last update, I have finished my roof repairs! There was even one day of heavy rain and NO LEAKS!

I installed the new Fan Tastic fan (A6000) and the UltraBreeze cover.  I was worried that the UltraBreeze cover would disrupt the roofline and look out of place but the cover looks nice.  In fact, it should divert air over the AC unit which has a pretty flat front.

The UltraBreeze cover is removable.  It has four clips that connect to the Fan Tastic fan screws. The clips have removable pins to clean under the cover.  That is important since the UltraBreeze cover has no screen in the back like other units.  It does have a plastic grill but the lack of screen improves the air flow.  The complaint is that bees or other insects could next inside the cover.

I really wanted the cover so that I could (1) ventilate the idle unit during hot summer days and (2) use the vent while traveling on the road. The Fan Tastic A6000 has a rain sensor that will close the vent in the odd chance that rain gets past the UltraBreeze cover.

My plan now is to get the unit down to the Cooperative Motorworks in Orlando for a first class paint job!  Of course there is no need to rush down there so we have reservations at Anastasia State Park in Florida.


Happy Travels,


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