My roof project – Part 5, Almost there!

Since my last update, I have:

  1. Covered the antenna wire hole with an aluminum patch
  2. Installed the Jack antenna
  3. Re-installed the AC unit

Jack Antenna

The antenna slowed down my project.  I initially attempted to use the existing wire (not coax) so I ordered some passive closed circuit TV baluns.  The adapters did power the antenna but the signal quality was very low.  Since I had the AC unit and the roof vent removed, I was able to use a steel fish tape to get a coax through the wall and down to the wall plate.  Everything is in place now and works well.   I use a USB TV tuner and my laptop for TV.  I am not sure if that is a long-term solution.  Since space is at a premium in the 20′ motorhome, I’ll try it for a while before making a long term decision.

AC Unit

My existing AC unit had several problems.  First, the rivets from the original Armstrong AC unit were not removed and sealed properly.  Water was leaking in the holes.  Secondly, there was no support between the interior and exterior skins so the AC pieces compressed the skins and caused a gap in the seal.

Based on advice from the awesome folks at, I needed to build a wooden frame to go inside the skins.  I used a 2×2 piece of lumber and some wood shims.  I used the shims to add a slight curve to front and rear of the wooden frame.  With the new wood frame in place, the unit sat right down and sealed tight!  I then fired up the generator and ran the AC for a few minutes.  One more item finished on the roof! (exterior picture to follow)

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My roof project – Part 6, Complete!