My roof project – Part 4, a square hole and a round hole!

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My main goal for today was to finish the cutting for the Fan Tastic fan and dry fit the fan. The old Airstream fan had rounded edges.  The Fan-Tastic fan is an industry standard 14″ square.

I also cut the 2″ hole for the Jack HD TV antenna. I used a 2×4 that sacrificed its life for the hole!

I am getting very close to putting everything (AC, fan, TV antenna) back up on the roof. I am getting tired of seeing that tarp on my motorhome!  I’d also like to have it back functional.

One thing I forget was that I need to cover that antenna wire hole!  I have a piece of sheet aluminum to cover the hole.  Now I need to drill out my new rivets, add the sealant, and re-install rivets!

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