My roof project – Part 2, Removal

My roof project – Introduction

I did get the AC unit off today. I also removed the old TV antenna base, the antenna holder, and the old roof vent. I had to stop when the temperature hit 96 and you could fry an egg up there!

I can clearly see the outline of both the Armstrong and Coleman units. It appears there are holes around the perimeter of the original Armstrong unit that are the source of my leaks!  My hunch is that the footprint of the Coleman unit covered the holes and minimized any leaks (that and the unit was in Montana with not as much rain!). The original pan or AC unit must have been riveted to the roof.  When the Armstrong unit was removed, they must have shaved off the top of the rivets and did not fill the holes.  Some of the rivets were still in the holes, others fell into the unit.  The next step is to fill all of these holes!

More to come…..My roof project – Part 3, Olympic Rivets (56!)

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