Ditch the inverter! Get a car charger for your laptop!

I plan on doing a lot of work from the RV on my laptop. On my last trip, I took my 500 watt inverter with me so that I could use the house battery to keep the laptop going and use the generator less. It occurred to me half-way through the trip that going from 12 volts to 120 volts and back to the laptop power was pretty inefficient. I pulled up Amazon and found that 12v car charger cords for laptops were pretty darn inexpensive! I ordered a new 12v car charger for $25 including shipping. Now I can use the laptop for much longer without using the inverter or firing up my generator.

I have found that most of my needs have been met with the 12v system. I never used my 120v cell phone chargers. I charged them exclusively using the 12v outlets. I have two in my unit and I have a dual-outlet adapter that comes in really handy.

Happy travels,

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