My new Argosy 20′ is the BOMB!

My wife and I have had the desire to get another RV almost since the day we sold our 1985 Airstream 345.  We have been struggling to find just the right unit for us.  We really did not want to have the unit at a storage center but we have a very small driveway!  Last summer we were driving through West Virginia and I spotted an Argosy 20 on the side of the road.  The unit was in pretty poor condition and the owner wanted too much for the unit.  We visited him again last month with the intention of buying it but we were shocked at how bad the condition was.  My wife went back to the car and started writing down her thoughts.  She wrote 1) I don’t want that one but 2) that is the model I want.  She was REALLY impressed with the space usage.

We started looking for an Argosy 20′ unit but found them VERY hard to find!  There were many Argosy 24, 26, and 28′ units.  None of those units would fit behind our house.  We reconsidered the unit in poor condition but the budget to restore the unit went through the roof.

Here is a picture of our new unit.  After we take him to Disney World, we plan to drop him off at the Cooperative Motor Works in Orlando, FL.  He is going to get a whole new paint job (same pattern but with some retro flower power graphics on the curb side).  We really want the unit ti shine.  We are also happy that Jim’s shop will be going over other key systems and making sure everything is serviced.

"Flower Power"

One thing that really impresses me about the unit is how much Airstream was able to pack into such a small space.  The unit even has a shower (no wet bath).

These 20′ units are becoming very hot in the market.  I have had a few advertised on my site but they don’t last long!  Seeing that these sold new for $13,000 to $17,000 new, they are approaching that number now.  I am not sure how you define a collectible vehicle but these are coming close!

The unit that we purchased is in very good condition.  We are the fourth owners.  The unit just made a cross country trip from Montana to California to Georgia over the course of 2 months.

We really feel that this unit is a awesome ride!  When we are finished getting the unit in top shape, we will still have spent 1/2 of what a new unit would cost.

The only question that I have is why did Airstream stop making this unit?  I bet they would have a long list of orders for these units!  A Sprinter Class B unit runs around $100,000 and still would not have the space and cool-points that these units have!  My only wish is that I could swap out the Chevy 454 for a Duramax/Allison combination!

Happy Travels,



  1. Linda Russ says:

    M.y thoughts exactly. I love RVing and have traveled alone sincee becoming a widow tenyears ago. The safest, most interesting and fun way to travel the US. i sold my 30 foot class c and now want to travel again. I love the classic airstream motorhomes, always wanted one and have a lead on one. Airstream knows thier market and it may not be practical to produce the smaler units, I know the only feature I would like is a slide out. It does make the interior easier for two to get around.

  2. Fred says:

    My wife and I travel around in the Argosy 20. So far, we have found the space to be more than enough for the two of us (and she is Italian). We do have to pack carefully and use multi-purpose things. Sometimes less is more.
    Happy Travels,