Blue Bird Wander-NOT

My wife was reading an ad for an estate sale in our area. She indicated there was a 1984 Blue Bird motor home “project” available. I was pretty excited about the prospect of a Blue Bird Wanderlodge so I spent some time researching the Blue Bird Wanderlodge motor homes.

After a morning of hitting local garage sales, we hit the road to go see the 1984 Blue Bird motor home. When we arrived, we noticed a very large metal building that housed many vehicles including some vintage 1930’s Fords and Chevys. Upon entering, I saw the front of the Blue Bird coach. Not wanting to show any excitement, I calmly walked around looking at the coach.  It was quickly apparent this person’s project was a mess and they had very little experience doing this!  It had a patchwork of very poor exterior panel work.

We then went inside to find a very awkward floorplan and a partially completed wet-bath (which I would not expect in a Wanderlodge). I did notice some very commercial items such as the bus route device above the driver. It occurred to me that a Wanderlodge would never have seen passenger service.

Come to find out, it was an old city bus that the current owner was attempting to make into an RV. The partially completed project was a mess. This Blue Bird bus was basically salvage. There were no bids on the unit. I bet I could have gotten it for less than $50. The problem is that I’d have to spend hundreds to get it started and able to be driven. This bus is destined for the scrap yard!  Oh well, my quest for another RV continues!

The positive side to this is that I plan to develop new sections for the Blue Bird Wanderlodge units in the near future.

Happy Travels,



  1. there are a couple of good web sites for blue bird wanderlodges. one is bye bye bluebird. and the other is the blue bird owner website. go to yahoo or
    google & type in blue bird wanderlodge & 2-3 good sites are avail.
    happy hunting, tony

    1. Administrator says:

      Thanks Tony. Right now I have my eye on an Argosy 20′ motorhome. Here are the Blue Bird sites I found:

      Buy Bye Blue Bird

      Vintage Birds

      Wanderlodge Owners Group

      Bird Connection